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Cake Filling Machine CP-510

Trade Mark: ChiowPin

Origin: Taiwan


  • 150 Cm Length
  • 93 Cm Width
  • 140 Cm Height


  • 350 KG


  • 1Phase, 220V, 1.2 KW
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Cake depositor machine CP-510 which can deposit dough offering variety of products.

1.Touch panel with the function of memory setting.
2.Filling rollers with silica gel round gears to abate the air bubbles of cake dough.
3.Changeable point filling or move filling to make a variety of products.
4.Switchable single-user mode and continuing operation for fitting the production flow.


8 Inch round cake: up to 800 PCs/hr

4×6 Cup Cake: up to 4000 PCs/hr

60×40cm square cake: up to 300 Tray/hr


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