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Rotary Oven 60×40

Trade Mark: Diamond Bakery

Origin: Italy


  • 115 Cm Length
  • 138 Cm Width
  • 220 Cm Height


  • 920 KG


  • 2 Kw
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Rotor Elite

The  rotor elite oven is the most recent model to join the rotor family. It is the result of scrupulous planning combined with modern design and first-class technical characteristics.

The result of a thorough design study, The rotor Elite Ovens guarantees the correct baking of the products. The high performance heat ex-changer in stainless steel allows a great reduction in the consumption of electricity. The optimization of the vapor chamber, air flows within the oven and the ease of assembly make the Rotor Elite Ovens suitable for the best bakers and confectioners in the world.




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