Sana For Trading Agencies


Sana for trading agencies is one of Sana – Egypt for development & investment group. We are a sale agent and distributors for many well known companies in the field of confectionary ingredients, machines, production lines, factories equipments, confectionaries, show rooms and bakery shops.

Our company generates its experience in ingredients and machines through well study of them by our research and development department also use the great experience of one of our sister companies (Elsaidy pastry 1925) which also a subsidiary of Sana – Egypt for development and investment group.

Our values principles

  1. Making intensive, accurate and practical studies for any product either a machine or ingredient before marketing or selling it to customers.
  2. Customer satisfaction during every step/ stage in dealing with us especially after sale through providing a satisfying professional service for the customer.
  3. Exploitations of the company’s capital in providing services & products in competitive prices and that is through making huge contracts on economics of scale basis with our suppliers to reduce primary cost.
  4. we are doing our best to improve our employees capabilities to allow them to provide the highest quality services to our customers through rising employees’ skills, training them and providing supportive & modern tools necessary for work, that ‘s to assure service quality.
  5. honesty & transparency in offering services & products of our company to our customers.

Our Vision

SANA for Import and Export Co. is a company that work Mainly in the field of Bakery and Confectionery Raw Materials and Machines’ and production Line Importing. In Which we had a great experience in using these Raw Materials, Ingredients, machines. Also we are a sole agent in Egypt of a French AMF company and Many Taiwanese, Turkish , Italian Confectionery and Bakery Machines Companies, Our goodwill and the trust of our customers which we generate among years have been grown and concertized through our well application of our policy, which is Best Machines and Ingredients and Remarkable After Sale Services

Our Mission

Participating in developing confectionary and bakery industries in Egypt & Middle East and achieving the highest add value to our customers that is through providing services & products subjected to accurate studies & practical experiments.

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