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The Seed of Antarctica Equipment was sown when Mr.Vinod Mittal, brought his passion and business sense to develop an exemplary manufacturing unit of revolutionary refrigeration and kitchen equipments. Since then through his driven approach, his clear long term vision and readiness to go the extra mile, Antarctica Equipment has grown into a high end facility that spans over 1800Sq.mts and a family of over fifty seasoned professionals; that include inspired designers, seasoned technicians and the best engineers in the market. Today, what Mr.Vinod Mittal started years ago is being taken to the next level of excellence under the efficient stewardship of his son, Mr.Gaurav Mittal, and Antarctica Equipment grows in its scope of offerings and its customer base even as you read its story. As a people first company, we take pride in where we have come on account of this genuine commitment to people and we continue to surge forth in the same spirit.

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