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Cake Cutting Machine CP-630

Trade Mark: Volo

Origin: Taiwan


  • 120 Cm Length
  • 111 Cm Width
  • 147 Cm Height


  • 500 KG


  • 1Phase, 220V, 0.8 Kw
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CP-630 Cake cutting machine is applicable to mass production or small production with number of diversified products. This machine has touch panel with memory setup. The cutting plate is changeable, one machine is able to cut round, rectangular, square, triangular shape cakes. The work plate is driven by servo motor and ball screws. There’s 2 pcs of cutting saw blades combined with vibration. The slicing is neat and accurate.

1.Touch panel with memory setup.
2.Easily changed bottom plate.
3.Work plate with servo motor and ball screws to move articles.
4.The double-blade vibration cutting makes the surface of sliced cake smooth and neat.

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