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Hundred machine HM 168 Encrusting machine

Biscuits Production line 

If you are thinking about starting your start up, then you have sure thought of food industry

Biscuits production line is a medium enterprise, so as a start you should have a suitable place for operating the production line

Machines & Equipment:

Spiral Mixer 

Spiral Mixer is one of the main equipment for the production line in your start up for producing Biscuits and other products

The spiral mixer is available with various sizes to suit your production.

Here, we will mention 50 KG spiral mixer, 66 KG spiral mixer, 75 KG spiral mixer, 100 KG Spiral mixer, 125 KG spiral mixer.

We recommend that you get a mixer that can handle hard work, also to get a mixer from a company that provide warranty to the mixer and also provide it’s maintenance so you can depend on the mixer while operating your biscuits production line.

Biscuits encrusting machine

Choosing the encrusting biscuits machine which you will depend on at your production line is essential as it depends on your production capacity goal and also the various products that the machine can encrust

And never forget, that we highly recommend to get the machine from a company that provides after sales services, warranty, maintenance.


Oven is essential for the baking stage as it’s what the customer finally sees and the main aspect for marketing your product

There is a lot of various ovens, so you have got to choose well, what suits your production quantity and products.

After that, you will have to start packing your products to be displayed in your place or at someone’s else place with respect to legal papers needed

We advise you to start this product line that you should have technical experience or to consult .


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