Sana For Trading Agencies

“Sana For Trading Agencies ” participated in the annual HACE International Exhibition, for its 43rd edition, held from November 13th to 15th. The event took place under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the General Authority for Tourism Activation, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The exhibition was hosted at the Cairo International Convention Center in Nasr City.

 The company made a significant contribution with an active presence, showcasing two distinctive pavilions. The first pavilion focused on displaying machinery and equipment for confectionery and bakery supplies. Sana For  Trading Agencies  introduced three machines for the first time: the “TOP Sealing Machine” from J-pack, the “Petit Four VOLO Machine” in a small size, and an “Inkjet Printing Machine.

” The second pavilion specialized in presenting high-quality foods ingredients , including various types of nuts, natural ghee, dried fruits, creams, and other materials known for their appeal to customers.

 HACE Exhibition stands as one of the largest and most prominent international trade fairs in Egypt and the Middle East. It serves as a primary reference in Egypt for hotel, restaurant, café, confectionery, ice cream, and supermarket equipment. 

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