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Atlas Rack Oven 0.8XL

Trade Mark: Wachtel

Origin: Germany


  • 1620  mm Length
  • 1535 mm Width
  • 2720 mm Height

Baking Trays:

600 x 800 mm

Maximum rack height:

1990 mm


  • 2100 KG


  •  3 Phase
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Atlas Oven

Master of All Classes in the rack oven sector

WACHTEL rack ovens have always been the epitome of innovation, quality and energy efficiency. The latest generation of ATLAS rack ovens upholds these standards while reinventing itself once again.

  1. Hood with LED remote status indicator in two colors
  2. Quick start burner (oil/gas)
  3. 2-stage burner with variable output (oil/gas)
  4. Controlled fresh air feed in the baking chamber
  5. ECO MULTI STEAM, patented steam recovery system
  6. Low power rating
  7. Triple thermal insulation glazing
  8. Plug and play installation
  9. Highly efficient heat exchanger (oil/gas)
  10. Variable air circulation
  11. Wachtel IQ touch with energy manager
  12. Autopilot air pressure for automatic pressure regulation
  13. Winning ergonomic door concept
  14. W-MAGNETIC for magnetic holder
  15. All-rounder: fully compatible with racks
  16. Modern LED technology – on the inside and out

Sana for trading agencies imports different Sizes for the oven to suit various needs, Also the oven is available with heating type (Oil – Gas – Electricity)


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