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Biscuits Volo Machine

Trade Mark: VOLO

Origin: Assembled in Egypt


  • 2041 mm Length
  • 1100 mm Width
  • 1520 mm Height


  • 400 KG


  • 1Phase, 220V, 50Hz
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This machine is designed for shaping biscuits, batonsaleh, boksomat.

It shapes Biscuits with 9 Nozels of 60 mm width each.

It shapes batonsaleh&boksomat with 20 openings.

The product length can be adjusted easily using touch screen.

Quantity of products can be set easily using touch screen.

The machine works with 400 mm X 600 mm trays.

The machine is manufactured with 304 stainless steel& 83-50 Aluminum.


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