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Volo Depositing Machine

Trade Mark: VOLO

Origin: Assembled in Egypt


  • 1704 mm Length
  • 1100 mm Width
  • 1485 mm Height


  • 400 KG


  • 1Phase, 220V, 50Hz
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  1. This machine is designed for shaping biscuits, Petitfour, Qurabiya.
  2. The machine works with 400 mm X 600 mm or 600 mm X 800 mm trays.
  3. It shapes Petitfour & Qurabiya with 9 Rotational  Nozels or 12 Fixed Nozels for straight shapes.
  4. It shapes biscuits with 9 Wire-Cut openings.
  5. The Production of biscuits, Petitfour, Qurabiya can be shaped with Nozels available at Sana.
  6. The Machine customization h can be adjusted easily using touch screen in Arabic language with tha ability of saving 64 programs for biscuits, Petitfour, Qurabiya.
  7. The Machine can be equipped with a head for sponge cake, Macaron & Cream deposit.
  8. The Machine can produce 80 K gm to 120 K gm per hour depending on the product.
  9. Length of the product, Speed of dough drop, number of rows & space between them can be adjusted.
  10. The machine is manufactured with 304 stainless steel.
  11. The machine head is manufactured of  83-50 Aluminum alloy.
  12. The machines can be easily disassembled and installed.
  13. The machine uses Servo Motor to move the tray.


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